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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

Brown Williams provides its clients with technical litigation support covering a wide range of economic and rate making issues facing market participants in energy transmission industries concentrating on regulatory energy litigation matters before federal and state regulatory commissions.  

Brown Williams draws on broad and deep experience in regulatory litigation, bringing thorough analytical expertise and excellent communication skills to bear on behalf of clients facing costly rate adjustment cases encumbered with complex rate issues and challenging cost allocation methodologies.

Brown Williams is available to consult with clients on regulatory rate matters prior to rate filings, complaint, protest, and compliance filings, as well as technical assistance with discovery matters, written testimony, depositions, and trial briefs.

Brown Williams experience covers a broad horizon of litigation issues from the mundane cost-of-service check lists to complex plant mortality patterns, evolving market based rate design, FERC compliance guidance, energy project and policy advice, electric transmission rates, oil pipeline deferred return calculations, and proxy group analysis for return on capital assessments. 

Brown Williams stands ready to assist clients in building a strong, well-grounded litigation strategy and an equitable resolution to regulatory energy transmission issues.