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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

In 1986, four uniquely qualified individuals joined forces to open a new consulting practice that could bring their multifaceted talents to serve the regulated energy industry under one roof.  John Brown and Francis Quinn brought an industry perspective, each having over 30 years experience at high levels in the private sector while Ken Williams and William Chinn brought in the regulatory insider’s view, each again having over 30 years experience at high levels of government service.  Brown, Williams, Quinn & Chinn (BWQC) took on the issues of the day including natural gas ‘take-or-pay’ contracts and the transition to the open access transportation world of today. Throughout the upheaval of market forces and regulatory philosophies in the 80s and 90s, BWQC provided steady leadership and guidance to a broad spectrum of industry participants and established a work ethic that still guides the firm today. 

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