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While much has changed at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) over the past decades with respect to regulation of the interstate natural gas pipeline industry, cost-of-service ratemaking has remained a constant.

Despite its willingness to rely on market forces to address many issues in the industry, FERC still relies on cost-of-service principles in litigated section 4 rate cases (both full and limited cases) to set just and reasonable rates for pipeline services.  The final step in this rate-making process is cost allocation and rate design.

The Cost Allocation & Rate Design Manual that BWMQ offers contains a comprehensive road map regarding all aspects of cost allocation and rate design.  It contains an informative glossary of application terms and concepts with electronic links to seminal and precedent setting cases on innumerable issues.  Purchases of this document will be able to access electronic updates to precedent setting cases regarding cost allocation and rate design.

BWMQ believes this document will prove invaluable to company analysts that are preparing to litigate section 4 rate cases at the FERC.

If you would like to obtain a subscription to this manual or would like further information, contact:

Barry E. Sullivan, President of BWMQ at 202-775-8994