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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

Brown Williams people have had key management and regulatory roles as a part of developing a large variety of important and sizeable projects to strengthen the North American energy grid. Because of this experience, we know how to advise you to make your project succeed. Our capabilities will help you to negotiate with prospective customers, clear regulatory hurdles on time, evaluate options for pricing your project, assist with financing and regulatory accounting issues and help to complete the environmental and business details of necessary regulatory filings. We can also analyze and advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of the applications submitted by other industry participants.

Energy infrastructure is literally the backbone of the energy industry and the foundation for reliability and the array of modern service offerings and operational flexibility customers have increasingly come to expect. In order for the industry to respond to the changes and challenges of the future, it is essential that infrastructure projects be permitted and constructed in a timely, legally-compliant way. Coincidentally, regulatory processes are evolving toward earlier communication with stakeholders to identify and resolve issues, coordination and concurrent action among agencies responsible for various aspects of the project, comprehensive analysis and more efficient decision-making. Brown Williams has the expertise to guide you through these processes and reach a successful conclusion. For example, to prepare for FERC’s pre-filing process for natural gas or electric transmission projects we can articulate the scope of the proposal and schedule the initial meetings with the staff, draft the pre-filing request letter, assist with the application itself, and respond to subsequent requests for supplemental information. We would also be available to attend public outreach and scoping meetings to help the stakeholders better understand the process and the proposal. We stay current with regulatory developments and will advise you on how any new policies might affect your project.