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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

Brown Williams can assist you with many other services not described in detail here. Some of them include: assisting with electronic filings; advising on regulatory compliance; preparing tariff filings and general terms and conditions of service; assisting energy projects in assembling supplies and transportation arrangements compatible with the economics of the projects; helping you to renegotiate out-of-market energy contracts; assisting with energy nominations and in balancing supplies and markets; helping to prepare filings under Section 311 of the NGPA; performing due diligence financing studies; property valuations; evaluating open access issues; performing pipeline asset refunctionalization studies; evaluating storage projects; assisting with the unique regulations pertaining to offshore pipelines; performing market power and market manipulation studies; developing econometric models; assisting entities in initiating or responding to regulatory investigations; and performing studies of entity specific or industry inflation.