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Market-based rate applicants must demonstrate that they cannot withhold or restrict services and increase price above the competitive level for a significant period of time and that they cannot discriminate unduly in terms of price or conditions. To gain FERC approval to charge market-based rates, the applicant must file a detailed market power study demonstrating that it lacks market power and that its customers have sufficient “good alternatives” or that it can mitigate its market power. Brown Williams has been at the forefront of market-based rate design and participated in litigated FERC proceedings involving market-based rate applications for both pipelines and storage facilities. Brown Williams can provide an initial market power study to help the client determine whether it is likely that market-based rates can be justified, and follow through with the documentation and persuasive reports to support its client’s needs. Alternatively, Brown Williams can review other participant’s market-based rates studies to ensure or determine accuracy and sufficient back-up support.