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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

BWMQ provides clients with advice on how to properly interpret and account for FERC precedents and current policies in the electric, natural gas and oil pipeline industries. BWMQ prepares complete regulatory filings for clients on a wide variety of regulatory matters. We also assist clients in developing responsive pleadings to FERC on a broad array of issues. Our experts can offer valuable insights into the regulatory issues that arise in the evolving world of FERC regulation. See our comprehensive litigation support page to find out how we may help your firm through a regulatory hearing at FERC.

BWMQ professionals have a thorough understanding of the FERC rules and regulations. We provide advice and assistance in interpreting new and revised regulations. We also can assist you in commenting on FERC NOPRs and in requesting clarifications of new Commission orders and policy statements.

BWMQ assists clients in understanding NAESB standards and procedures, including compliance with FERC requirements with regard to NAESB. We provide assistance and advice on electronic filing of documents at FERC, including tariffs and rate case materials.