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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

The Commission has emphasized that regulated natural gas pipelines must develop rigorous compliance programs.  On October 16, 2008, the Commission issued a Policy Statement on Compliance which signals or warns that the Commission expects regulated entities to have strong compliance programs in place.  In order to assist clients in developing such a compliance program, BWMQ offers clients a cost-effective tool which would enable them to sequentially track their individual regulatory filing dates through a data base.

BWMQ's Regulatory Calendar (Version 1.0) provides the following features:

  • Details the annual/quarterly reports, forms or compliance filings which need to be filed for each month and provide advance notice of the tasks needed to be accomplished for each filing or task;
  • Provides links to regulations applicable to each annual/quarterly reports, forms or annual compliance filings;
  • Provides links to the applicable report or form instructions;
  • Provides links to the full tariff of the pipeline;
  • Provides links to previous submitted reports, forms or compliance filings; and
  • Allows for additional functions or features to be added tailored to the needs of the client.

Examples of additional features include:  (1) notification of person/position responsible for filings, identification of tasks that need to be accomplished, action dates for tasks, and e-mail notification of each individual responsible for the tasks; (2) ability to include other periodic reports, such as negotiated rate filings or event-dependent reports; and (3) ability to incorporate dates and timing requirements for the filing of Section 4 rate case proceedings.