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Electronic Tariff Filings
Pursuant to Order No. 714

On September 19, 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC and/or Commission) issued a Final Rule in Order No. 714, entitled Electronic Tariff Filings.  Upon implementation of this rule, the Commission will no longer accept tariff filings in paper format.  By April 1, 2010, the Commission requires existing regulated electric utilities, interstate natural gas companies, and regulated oil pipeline companies to electronically file their baseline (i.e., existing) tariffs in the extensible markup language (XML) schema described in Order No. 714.  After April 1, 2010, all proposed tariff provisions and related items (including intrastate natural gas pipelines’ NGPA rates and operations conditions) must be filed electronically using the new standards discussed in Order No. 714.

BWMQ assists its clients to meet the requirements of Order No. 714.  The BWMQ FERC eTariff Program is an in-house program that supports natural gas, electric, and oil pipeline eTariff filings.  BWMQ provides a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go methodology for assisting clients with their eTariff filings.  More specifically, BWMQ offers the following services to companies impacted by Order No. 714:

  • Assist clients with their Company Registration with the FERC, if needed.
  • Format tariffs using the new sectional format.
  • Research previously filed tariffs for proper codes used previously, if necessary.
  • Assemble tariff filings, changes and/or proposals into XML filing packages.
  • Test the XML filing packages in the Commission’s eTariff Sandbox for possible errors and troubleshoot any errors that may arise.
  • Act as the eFiler on behalf of clients; and
  • Consult and advise clients when formatting and planning future tariff filings under the changes implemented by Order No. 714.

BWMQ helps natural gas clients draft and file tariffs and Section 311 filings.  BWMQ develops full FERC Gas Tariffs for interstate pipeline and storage companies.  In addition, BWMQ assists clients in revising or updating specific provisions of their FERC Gas Tariffs, i.e, Rate Schedules, Terms and Conditions, NAESB, etc.

With regard to oil pipelines, our services include assistance in adjusting tariffs for indexing, cost of service initial rate filings, settlement rates, and calculating the effects on tariff surcharges by system additions.

For our electric clients, BWMQ provides assistance in filing Market Based Rate Authorizations, Change in Status requests, etc.  BWMQ also provides assistance in developing their terms and conditions of service and developing open access transmission tariffs providing “comparable” point-to-point and network services as well as ancillary service tariffs; resolving issues pertinent to pre-existing arrangements and stranded costs; and consulting on the structures of and procedures to be employed by RTOs, ISOs and other independent coordinators of electric transmission services.  

For more information on how BWMQ can help with your eTariff needs, contact Chris John or Teresa Douglas at 202-775-8994.