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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

BWMQ's consultants have participated in hundreds of Section 4 and Section 5 rate case proceedings at the Commission.  Brown Williams offers specialized knowledge, testimony and exhibits on the detailed cost of service and rate design issues that make a difference in successful outcomes for its clients. Brown Williams has provided detailed testimony and exhibits on rate case/cost of service issues that include operation and maintenance costs, return on equity, cost of debt, proxy group companies, federal, state, local and other tax issues, depreciation and negative salvage, accumulated deferred tax issues, cost classification, cost allocation and rate design issues. Brown Williams' FERC regulated interstate natural gas pipeline clients regularly utilize the knowledge base of BWMQ to address the usual cost of service issues and often unique and novel issues in FERC rate case proceedings. BWMQ has a strong track record in achieving successful outcomes for clients in FERC Section 4 and 5 rate case proceedings. BWMQ witnesses have years of testimony experience in administrative law proceedings, the kind of experience that provides in-depth analysis, and clear and concise explanations of even the most difficult regulatory issue. Brown Williams' experts can offer valuable insights into the regulatory issues that arise in the evolving world of FERC regulation. See the comprehensive litigation support page to find out how Brown Williams can help guide your firm through a regulatory hearing at FERC.