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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

BWMQ is unsurpassed in its ability to assist clients on all FERC-related matters. Our continuing presence in FERC proceedings and our fundamental understanding of FERC rules and practices uniquely position BWMQ to provide advice and assistance on all FERC issues involving policy and regulations. BWMQ, with its wide breadth of experience on electric, natural gas pipeline and oil pipeline policies, provides guidance and advice to a diverse group of clients on current and proposed regulations.

BWMQ can help you evaluate and submit comments on proposed FERC changes effectuated through Policy Statements or through Rulemaking Proceedings, as well as to help you understand current FERC policies. We can assist clients to position themselves appropriately and advantageously despite the evolving regulatory landscape. We also provide advice and assistance to clients in estimating the economic and financial impacts of regulatory policies on current operations as well as on future investment projects.

BWMQ also provides clients with a better understanding and appreciation of the roles played by FERC offices and officials in FERC proceedings. We assist clients in the pre-filing process for natural gas and electric matters.