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Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

Brown Williams consults with clients on a wide range of regulatory issues from certificate applications to build and operate facilities, to developing marketing and rate design strategies, to filing and litigating rate cases, to assessing accounting standards and practices, to analyzing changing market conditions, and staying abreast of FERC compliance regulations. 

  • Capabilities 5 topics

    Before you get too far down the road on new energy projects, rate case plans, financial arrangements, or changes to your tax filings, contact Brown Williams to head off any regulatory issues before they become a big problem. Our experts know the lay of the land and can help steer your project toward success.

  • Economics 6 topics

    Truly understanding today’s evolving energy markets requires experienced hands who know not only the economic theory but the market forces driving the economic decisions. Translating economic theory into rate design, market assessments, and pricing decisions can often rest on knowing the players as well as the rules of the game.

  • FERC 9 topics

    Brown Williams is available to consult with clients on regulatory rate matters prior to rate or tariff filings, complaint, protest, and compliance filings, reports, annual filings, or any other interaction with FERC. Our compliance manual, regulatory calendar, and e-filing capability gives our clients a leg up on regulatory compliance matters.

  • Litigation Support 7 topics

    Brown Williams represents clients through a number of related services that carry a project through the potentially long-drawn litigation process. Brown Williams also provides technical assistance with discovery matters, written testimony, depositions, and trial briefs. From the opening rounds of discovery, through thorough investigation and analysis, to written testimony, depositions, and cross examination, Brown Williams provides the expert analysis needed to see the client’s interests to a successful outcome.

  • Training Courses 4 topics

    Bring your staff up to speed on the basics of energy transmission rate matters with one of Brown Williams’ training courses. Learn about the cost-of-service and rate-design models that establish the tariff rates and generate revenue requirements. Get familiar with the basic tenets of the regulatory energy world and make better use of your consultants and in-house staff.