Register Today for Courses in Cost of Service and Rate Design for Natural Gas Interstate Pipeline Companies (January 26th-27th)
Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.

BWMQ provides customized training services to its clients. As an example, recently the firm presented a custom course on natural gas pipeline regulations, compliance and accounting to a major energy company that entered a new line of business.

Customized training courses offer the following advantages to you:  

  • The firm offers courses to meet your individual requirements that combine the expertise of professionals with specialized expertise in the gas LDC, gas pipeline, electric, oil pipeline and other industries. For example, a gas pipeline that interfaces with gas LDCs, electric industry customers and other pipeline systems can benefit from multidisciplinary training perspectives from experts in each of those industry sectors.
  • BWMQ provides expertise development that is very difficult to obtain elsewhere. BWMQ has experts with many years of practical experience in the energy industry who are: attorneys, professional engineers (PEs), CPAs, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) professionals, PhDs in economics, experts in cost of capital studies and Certified Depreciation Professionals (CDPs), income tax experts and experts in regulation of the various energy industry segments.
  • Using the expertise of these professionals, your in house personnel can be trained in depth about topics such as regulatory and financial litigation, establishing depreciation rates, estimating costs of capital, performing financial studies, FERC compliance, FERC accounting requirements, rate design and cost of service practices used in the energy industry, economic issues pertinent to pricing decisions and so forth. These courses can help prepare you for your most challenging issues, such as upcoming rate cases, financial litigation and your emerging business development projects.
  • Training may be offered to groups of varying sizes within your organization at a very economical cost that eliminates the high cost of your travel that is usually associated with professional development.
  • BWMQ training programs will assist your organization to expand into different lines of business and markets. The courses help clients deal with shortages of talent, turnover, retirements and the changing business environment.
  • BWMQ training programs are more pertinent to your needs than training courses offered by traditional training vendors, yet permit professionals to meet continuing education requirements that are necessary to retain professional licenses.

BWMQ provides employee recruiting services and placement services within the energy industry. Given our demonstrated expertise in the highly complex environment of the energy industry, BWMQ is well qualified to assist you in evaluating the credentials of potential employees or to search for potential employees to meet your needs. Such services are provided on a strictly confidential basis and with sensitivity to the needs of each of our clients.